Lance's Journal: Husker FB Media Man, May 21, 2018

Published: May. 21, 2018 at 6:48 PM CDT
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Paul Jacobsen grew up near Firth, Nebraska, "My first memories of Nebraska football, it would've been New Year's Day 1971 when they played LSU for the national championship."

In 1983, Jake had a yearning to relive some of the old Husker memories from the 70's, "I wanted to see 'The Game of the Century' again, and I finally tracked it down."

Tracking down that classic contest fueled Jake's desire to grow his personal Husker football library and it just so happened that he discovered a recording of the 1972 Alabama clash the same year that his son was born, "So when we would have to do middle of the night feedings, I'd let my wife sleep, but I would go down and make his formula and I would sit in the middle of the night watching the 1972 Orange Bowl."

After 35 years of collecting, Jake has acquired more than a thousand Nebraska football radio and TV broadcasts, "Probably my favorite era is the 1970's that I grew up in."

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