Lance's Journal: Kent's Cut Paper Creations, Mar. 30, 2018

10/11 viewers may recognize Kent Bedient from his appearances on past episodes of Our Town York.

He has been the curator at the Anna Palmer Museum in York for many years, but he's also a very accomplished artist.

Kent first began doing cut paper art some 50 years ago in New York City.

His work achieved an international influence in the home-furnishings market and Kent's work has been shown in museums around the world, including The Smithsonian and The Louvre.

Kent knew he was artistic as early as the age of 4, "My mom was artistic and so she was always doing projects and making things and I was always very interested in that, even at a young, young age."

Young Kent didn't receive any formal training before he spent a year at Kearney State Teachers College before serving America in the U.S. Army from 1952 to 1954.

Kent explains, "It happened my best friend over there in Germany was from New York and towards the end of our time, one day he said, 'Hey, you should move to New York and I said what a good idea.'"

It was in the Big Apple where Kent became a freelance designer and created exhibits for showrooms and windows at Tiffany's and the Russian Tea Room among many others.

In the 1960's, Kent found a way to express himself artistically, "It started with the stencils that I suggested we do on my friends closet doors."

Kent discovered that he was a natural cutting shapes into paper, "It was exciting. It exactly fit what I could do."

After 34 years in NYC, Kent moved back to York from New York in 1988 and his trusty utility knife has stayed awfully busy.