Lance's Journal: Le Quartier French Bakery, Mar. 11, 2019

After graduating from college in Kansas, Seth Quiring got an aerospace job in Montreal and it was there that he was first introduced to the French culture.

Seth's older brother would join him in Montreal in 2002 and it was in Canada where some soggy pizza would change their lives forever.

Seth explains, "You'd get a pizza home and there was a little pool of water. You'd pick up your slice of pizza and it would droop down and we said this is driving us crazy we need to know how to make a great pizza."

Big brother John says he used his experience in electrical engineering to learn how to bake, "I had the natural ability to do science and math but it wasn't something I was really passionate about. The baking at the time I was very passionate about."

Seth says, "We lived a half block away from the number one French bakery in Montreal and so John was starting to develop the bread at home reading books and experimentation."

After learning the baking trade in Montreal and Paris, John came back to Nebraska to start Le Quartier Baking Company in Lincoln in 2006.

The business began slowly by selling to local restaurants but soon grew with the start of the summer farmers markets and a few local grocery stores. John says, "From there I just found a group of very dedicated foodies that were missing this style of bread that I had learned to make. It was off to the races from there."

At the end of 2006, John was joined by his little brother Seth as they opened a store at 70th & O street that's named Le Quartier.

In addition to the Le Quartier store in Lincoln, Seth and John also own two Le Quartier bakeries in Omaha as well.

And the Lincoln farmers market will still be featuring Le Quartier bread when it begins in May in the Haymarket.