Lance's Journal: Nick's Frog Frenzy, Mar. 26, 2018

Nick Nicholas is proud to say, "I love frogs."

His fascination with frogs began about 30 years ago, "I spotted 2 or 3 frogs and I thought they were different and then my children decided that if I'm collecting a couple frogs they'd bring me so more."

Whenever Nick did some traveling, he says, "I'd spot one, I've got to have that one."

And the next thing you know, "Here I am, I've got a whole basement full of frogs. But I love it. I love frogs."

This Billings, Montana native has amassed nearly 2,000 frogs over the past three decades.

If you'd like to go to Exeter and see Nick's frogs and his excellent rock collection, he's says, come on down for a free tour.

Give Nick a call at (402) 266-4951