Lance's Journal: Night to Shine Prom, Feb. 19, 2018

Tim Tebow made a name for himself by winning the Heisman Trophy back in 2007.

And over the past decade, the Tim Tebow Foundation has become known for their many charitable efforts.

It's called 'Night to Shine' and it's a prom for teens and adults with special needs and it's taken place for the past 4 years, across America and in 16 countries around the world.

'Night to Shine' took place for the first time here in the Capital City and it most definitely provided some "goose bump moments."

This magical event really did live up to the billing as a night to shine at the Sesostris Shrine center in southwest Lincoln.

Rebecca Fisher is the organizer of Lincoln's first 'Night to Shine,' "The light in their eyes is astonishing and so surprising. When they step off that limo bus and into the lobby and it's all about them, celebration of cheering and flashes and waving. It's like being the head of the parade."

Pastor Aaron Hutton and his wife Krissy were thrilled to represent Christ Lutheran Church in Lincoln, which was one of 540 churches to host one of these events. Aaron says, "We're thrilled that we can open an opportunity and serve with others, serving very precious people."

Krissy added, "I just love seeing the reactions of all the participants. They are just so excited and smiling and so filled with joy about being showed this special attention for a night."

More than 350 volunteers helped out with this special night that included tuxs & shoe shining stations for the kings, and gorgeous dresses and hair and makeup stations for the queens.

Christ Lutheran Church is planning on hosted the prom once again next year. Registration is set to begin on November 1st and the prom itself will take place on February 8th, 2019.