Lance's Journal: Pairs For Change Sock Drive, Feb. 23, 2018

When most people donate clothing items to the homeless, they wash up their outerwear and drop it off, rarely donating socks.

Dan Smith is looking to rectify that situation here in the Capital City.

It was 143 days ago that Dan started a morning ritual of sharing his daily choice of crazy socks with his followers on social media, "I decided, I'm going to wear every pair of my socks and not repeat and I had about 150 pairs of socks then."

Dan was pleasantly surprised with the response he got from his friends who started looking forward to seeing which socks he would be wearing on that particular day, "One of my friends was commenting about it and another friend, he didn't really understand it he was like, 'What are you doin' on twitter?' and he didn't understand the whole thing and he goes, 'What is it for charity or somethin'?' and I got to thinkin' well, no, it's not for charity, but it should be."

The next thing you know, Dan teamed up with a youth empowerment organization in Lincoln called, "Skate for Change." Soon after, "Pairs for Change" was born and Dan has been spreading the word about his sock drive via the internet ever since.

Dan says, "Of course,I'm not limiting myself to 1,500 pairs. If we can gather more pairs than 1,500 that would be great. Let's keep on goin'!"

If you'd like to help Dan help the homeless, there are two drop-off sites in is 'Jilly's Socks and Such' near 40th & Old Cheney and downtown, 'Better Life Nutrition' on South 11th is the place to donate socks to Dan's mission.