Lance's Journal: Paul Siebert The Music Man, Dec. 22, 2017

Paul Siebert grew up listening to his dad strum a Gibson guitar and Paul was only 5 years old when he taught himself to play that guitar while his dad was at work .

Today, Paul's passion for making music energizes him to perform up to 400 one man shows per year.

This 1980 Henderson High School graduate was first dedicated to his family's manufacturing business. But, eventually he says he decided to follow his heart, "Music has always been at my heart, so during that period of time I developed my music business up to where I was making better money than my job."

Paul started touring full-time in 2004 and now he averages at least 30 programs a month and they range anywhere from 20 minutes to 3 hours in length, "One of the gifts I have as a human is music and it's amazing to see people's reactions and especially children."

And Paul also plays at senior homes across a five state area, "I've lost count, probably over 300 facilities."

If you'd like to book Paul for a special event in the near future, he is registered with the Nebraska Arts Council and the Nebraska Humanities and he has a great website ...