Lance's Journal: Return to Records, Feb. 26, 2018

People first started listening to music on records way back in the 1890's.

The first flat, circular records were made of glass, then zinc, and then hard rubber.
It was in the 1950's, that manufactures started using polyvinyl chloride...otherwise known as vinyl to make records.

And buying vinyl records was the thing to do throughout most of the 60's, 70's & 80's...until tapes, CD's & digital downloads replaced records.

But don't look now, but vintage vinyl is making a comeback.

Doug Frank was in high school when he got his first taste of the music business while working at Budget Tapes and Records in Scottsbluff, "I'd go in there and hang out for hours and just talk to the owners who were nice people and very knowledgeable about music."

After high school, Doug pursued a 28-year career as a speech teacher at a number of high schools across Nebraska.

But he's now retired from the teaching business and he's gone back to his roots.

Doug has now come full circle back to Black Circle Records. A used record store he now owns that is located inside an historic limestone building just south of The Grand Manse in downtown Lincoln.