Lance's Journal: Robotics Camps at SAC Museum, Mar. 4, 2016

Published: Mar. 4, 2016 at 6:39 PM CST
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The Strategic Air & Space Museum originally opened it's doors on Offut Air Force base in Bellevue in 1959.

The museum was relocated near Ashland, along I-80 in May of 1998.

The museum houses one of the most impressive collections of planes & aerospace vehicles in America, but learning is also a key component of the museum's mission.

Since 2008, the museum has served thousands of school children through a variety of field trips, overnight programs, & school and community presentations.

Phil Onwiler is the Director of Education for the Strategic Air & Space Museum and he says the time is right for teaching robotics, "Right off the heels of Star Wars, everyone's loving R2D2 and CP3O, kids will get a chance to build and design their own robots and take it through and obstacle course and design a series of challenges for that robot."

Phil says the summer camp season will kick off on June 3rd and the next robotics workshop for the younger kids will take place on June 10th.