Lance's Journal: Sheriff Wagner's Outside Interests, May 14, 2018

Terry Wagner is running for a seventh term as Lancaster County Sheriff, but you won't see his name on the ballot for the primary election. That's because he is once-again running unopposed and that means his name won't appear on the ballot until the general election in November.

It took many years for Wagner to settle down in the Cornhusker State.

That's because Wagner was an Air Force brat who spent his childhood bouncing around from Texas to California to France, back to Texas and eventually, his family settled in Nebraska.

All in all, Wagner says he went to 8 different schools before he graduated from Lincoln High in 1972.

A career in law enforcement was never on young Terry's mind until 1976, when he was hired on as dispatcher at the age of 21.

Wagner moved up the ranks and in 1994, he brought stability to the sheriff's department. Wagner has been the Lancaster County Sheriff for the past 24 years and in June, he will have been with the sheriff's department for 42 years.

Sheriff Wagner is currently running for his 7th term as Lancaster County Sheriff and he has run unopposed for the past six elections.