Lance's Journal: The Guru of the Sunken Gardens, Feb. 4, 2019

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It's kind of crazy to think that one of the absolute most gorgeous areas of Lincoln was once a giant trash pit. But that is precisely the case when you're talking about the Sunken Gardens...the beautiful byproduct of a plan that put people back to work during the Great Depression in 1930.

Steve Nosal is the Park Horticulturist for the City of Lincoln and he began his job in 1976, "I came to Lincoln to design gardens, that was my whole intent."

Steve is a 1968 graduate of Columbus Scotus High School and he says to put it quite simply, the city could not afford to buy the majority of these plants if they had to start over from scratch every summer

If you've ever experienced the sunken gardens in full bloom -- it probably wouldn't surprise you to know that there are influences of classic artists around every corner. Steve says, "To do a combination of growing plant material scientifically, keeping it alive in Lincoln and doing it in an art form that would mimic what the masters have shown as it to be Monet, or Renoir or Van Gogh."

Steve and Alice Reed have been collaborating their garden designing talents since 1984, Steve says, "We'll just sort of look at each other and say, 'Oh, that'll work.'"

Coming up on May 11th, Steve and Alice will host an annual event they call "Wake up the Beds" where 75 to a hundred people will come together to install approximately 50% of the entire sunken gardens in one day.