Lance's Journal: Timeless Family Clock Company

Very few family heirlooms mean as much to as many people as a good old clock that's been handed down from generation to generation.

And the three generation family business Lance recently visited at 48th & Old Cheney is well aware that keeping track of time is nothing to be taken for granted.

Wayne Burkey purchased the City Clock Company the same year that his son Mark was 1953. Mark says, "It's been in the family ever since. I started working in '76 when we were in a white house in Gateway North."

That believe it or not, was a year after his future wife started working at City Clock. Deb and Mark were married in 1974.

Mark worked with his dad for 13 years before Wayne retired in 1996, "I never really thought about the family legacy thing. It was just the joy of working with clocks and figuring out what makes them tick and keepin' em ticking."

Mark and Deb's only child Taylor started working for his parents a decade ago. Taylor says, "It's just kind of a natural feeling, it's not coming to work and punching a clock and doing a job it's just coming to another home."

Deb speaks from the heart, "I am very proud of my family. What we do is very specialized and very unique and that we all work together and somewhat get along, but we do."