Lance's Journal: Muchachos Food Truck, Oct. 2, 2017

Nick Maestas recalls fondly those days when he was being raised by his grandparents in Cozad.

Nick smiles when he remembers sitting around the dinner table where there was always equal parts family, fun & food, "Really, it started as me wanting to honor my grandparents."

For years, Nick dreamed of starting a food truck business and a couple of years ago, he found a truck on facebook that was the same color as the house he grew up in, "I wasn't really in love with the truck, but when I saw the color, I had to do it, it tugged at the heart strings a bit."

Nick's menu was inspired by his grandparents, "I grew up in their kitchen and I thought what better way than have my own mobile kitchen and Muchachos was born from that."

A year and a half after it first hit the streets, Muchachos food truck is one of the most popular mobile restaurants in Lincoln.

Nick says his next goal is to acquire a few more trucks and maybe, just maybe open a bricks & mortar store where Muchachos fans could come visit him anytime they felt the need, which for me, would be quite often.