Last minute Valentine's Day gifts

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LINCOLN, Neb. – Valentine's Day is just one day away, and if you waited until the last minute to get a gift for your loved one, there's still time.

"We are working around the clock to make sure everyone feels special," said Jeanette Steider, Manager at Abloom Florist.

Abloom said you can order flowers online with same-day delivery on Valentine's Day.

"I think flowers are special on any day, but this day everyone is thinking of someone they love, and wanting to make them feel special," said Steider.

Steider said her team at Abloom have worked 20-plus hours straight in order to make Wednesday's deadline.

"I have had a lot of caffeine, but it's worth it," said Steider.

She also told 10/11 she ordered 3,000 roses for the holiday, and will make more than 300 arrangements.

"Today and tomorrow are very long, tired, flower-filled days," said Steider.

Roses this time of year are in high demand, therefore they cost more. For a dozen roses at Abloom, it'll cost you $100.

If you are planning to take your loved one out to eat, restaurants are busy too.

Some restaurants that have availability for reservations are Lazlo's, Misty's and JTK.