Philippine volcano spews lava, ash for 3rd day, 30,000 flee

TAGAYTAY, Philippines (AP) - A volcano near the Philippine capital is spewing lava, ash and steam and trembling constantly on the third day of an eruption that could portend a much bigger and dangerous eruption.

As forecasters warn a "hazardous explosive eruption is imminent," evacuations are underway in the Philippines following the eruption of the Taal volcano on Sunday, January 12, 2020. (Source: CNN Philippines/Paolo Barcelon)

Tens of thousands of people fled ash-blanketed villages and the numbers could swell.

Volcanologists said the continuing restiveness of the Taal volcano indicates magma may still be rising to the crater.

The volcano was spurting fountains of red-hot lava 1,640 feet into the sky with dark-gray plumes of ash-laden steam more than 1 mile high.

The massive volcanic column at times flashed with streaks of lightning.

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