Learning about Cover Crops

FREMONT, Neb.- Farmers learned more about how to use cover crops in their operations at the recent Fremont Corn Expo.

"Cover crops are something you plant after corn or soybean harvest, that grows in the fall, over winters, grows a little more in the spring, you terminate that, and then you plant your corn and soybeans again," NU Extension's Nathan Mueller said. Cover crops are planted through aerial applications, with a sprayer or ground rig, and by drilling it right into the soil.

Some of the types of cover crops used in eastern Nebraska include rye, radishes and turnips. "Cover crops helps increase the amount of carbon in the soil, and really improves the overall health of the soil, which in turn can help yields for farmers," Mueller said.

Watch this story to learn more about what was discussed about cover crops at the recent Fremont Corn Expo.