Lee's Marble Museum

YORK, Neb.- There are a million marbles for you to view at the one-of-a-kind marble museum in York.

Lee Batterton is the owner of the marble museum. He says when he was a kid, he was a pretty good shot with marbles, and he would keep the marbles he would win. When he got a job, he bought marbles, and he's been collecting marbles for 64 years now.

"I have about every kind ever made," Lee said. "I've got marbles that the Native Americans played with, I've got marbles made in Germany back in the 1700's and 1800's," Lee said. When you walk into the museum you'll also notice the 1300 quart jars filled with marbles that Lee says are more of the common machine-made marbles. But in the museum portion of the building, Lee is proud to show off the marbles that were once hand-made, and very rare.

"We have German swirls, onion skins, lutzes, micas, sufides, wood marbles, clay marbles, glass marbles, agate rock marbles, all different kinds", Lee said. "Also we have a lot of the original boxes that the marbles came in," Lee said.

People do come to the museum looking for a marble that they might need for their collection. The museum's location is close to the interstate, and Lee says he gets people visiting from all over the country and even internationally. He says his collection is the largest in the world.

"I think marbles are a work of art," Lee said. "Especially the handmade ones. The colors and the way they designed them, and how they got them made is really special," Lee said.