Legislature committee releases state climate action plan

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LINCOLN, Neb. -- The Nebraska Legislature reconvenes a week from Wednesday. One issue senators will likely tackle this session is climate change.

The 2016 Legislature developed a special committee of senators to create a state climate action plan. Through the help of scientific research carried out by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, the committee released its recommendations for future legislation.

Those recommendations include authorizing wind-friendly communities, community solar projects and self-driving vehicles. The committee is also recommending the expansion of the PACE program, which stands for Property Assessed Clean Energy.

"As my son has told me, he'd like to replace their furnace with a high efficiency furnace and under the PACE program, citizens could come and do that sort of thing on a really quick basis," Sen. Ken Haar of Malcolm said.

Sen. Haar said 61 percent of rural Nebraskans believe our state should have a climate action plan. The committee hopes the legislature will begin to tackle the recommendations in the next session.