Leukemia medication stolen from porch

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LINCOLN, Neb. -- Tyson Dennison has a rare form of chronic Leukemia, which means traditional chemotherapy doesn't help. Instead, pills specifically formulated for him -- are his lifeline. Now, he's trying to figure out who stole his last delivery off the porch.

"It was someone saying to me like, 'It's fine if you die,'" Dennison said.

His pills cost more than $18,000 a month.

"I was going to run out of medication that following week on Friday," he said.

That's when someone stole this month's shipment.

"You kind of have to knowingly walk through a fenced area to come on to the porch." Dennison said.

The chemotherapy drug is shipped to Tyson's sister's home; they arrive like clockwork. FedEx puts the packages inside the door with the door closed and latched.

FedEx said the pills were delivered August 24. Then, a neighbor called the company saying they found the box shredded open and tossed. Dennison filed a police report before finding the empty bottle in the alley without all of his personal, medical information from the box.

"It's not beneficial to anyone. It would make a regular person really, really, really sick." Dennison said

Right now, there aren't many leads. The heavy rain in the end of August could have washed away any fingerprints on the pill bottle or box.

Dennison said he's in touch with Lincoln Police on any developments. The good news -- his pharmacy in North Carolina replaced the stolen medication.