Leyton athlete loses foot from football injury & Haley family says everything is okay

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DALTON, Neb. A severe knee dislocation while being tackled in a football game left a junior from Leyton High School having to have his foot amputated.

“At the football game, I got a pass and then as I was being tackled, my knee hyperextended and my knee cap completed dislocated, smacked the Tibia and tore quite a few of the tendons in my knee,” explained Drew Haley, Leyton Athlete With Foot Amputation.

Drew said he was then taken by a physician to a shed to get checked out. He thought it was an ACL tear. The next day when Drew woke up, he says he couldn’t feel or move his foot and when he stood up, it turned blue. They traveled to Scottsbluff for a CAT Scan and found out his Popliteal Artery was severely damaged and was then life-flighted to Denver.

“I took the news pretty hard,” said Alison Haley, Drew’s Mother. “Since I was on the plane with Drew, I was at the hospital through all the surgeries and when the surgeons were done, Matt and the other kids haven’t arrived yet to Denver and so that’s when the surgeon first mentioned the word amputation.”

When Drew received the news, he said he thought it was actually pretty cool and was okay with losing his foot.

“I kind of took it good I guess,” said Drew. “I didn’t react a whole bunch and I was content with what was going to happen.”

To help Drew Haley and his family, multiple schools across the Panhandle including Kimball, Scottsbluff and Bayard held fundraisers by selling baked goods and car washes to help anyway they could. The Haley family says the best part of it all was that it was all from the students.

“It makes me feel pretty good,” said Drew. “I never really noticed that kind of thing before the accident but being on the receiving end, I’m seeing not just stuff for me but fundraisers left and right for a whole bunch of cool people and cool things that are happening.”

The Haley family is blessed for the donations and they say there is an even better way you can help.

“What we would really love is for someone to take a plate of cookies or a cake to their neighbor, ask them in a conversation how they are and not just drop it off,” explained Matt Haley, Drew’s Father. “Find out if there is something they need help with.”

The Haley family says that even though this was a hard situation to endure, it has brought their family and the community closer together.