Lincoln Latvians Celebrate 100th Anniversary of Independence

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2018 marks the 100th anniversary of Latvia's independence and the Latvians of Lincoln are rolling out the red carpet to invite visitors to come help them celebrate.

The Latvian Social Hall is located at 1231 South 33rd Street in Lincoln and this is where a birthday party of sorts will soon be held.

This exhibit does an excellent job of giving visitors a great feel for the Latvian culture...both past and present.

Mara Zigurs has mittens on display that were knitted by her mother and her aunt and she is hopeful about people showing up for the exhibit, "I would hope that people will come and see what we have created here. The Latvians were refugees in Lincoln for over 50 some years ago and the spirit and the culture is so much alive here even though the population is small."

Mara wasn't born in Latvia and she never lived there, but the pride of Latvia burns deep within her, "I was born here in Lincoln but the Latvian spirit is so within me in my heart and my soul and it always will be."

The exhibit at the Latvian Social Hall on south 33rd Street in Lincoln will not be open to the public this weekend. But the public is invited to tour the exhibit free of charge the last two weekends of September.

FRI 11am - 6pm
SAT 11am - 6pm
SUN 11am - 6pm

For group tours of 10 or more persons on other days call Art at 402-475-9076.