Lincoln non-profits are asking for the community's help on Giving Tuesday

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LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - Every year, non-profits around the world take part in Giving Tuesday. It's a movement that started years ago to highlight and help out organizations that do good in our community.

Giving Tuesday shifts the holiday season from a time to buy, to a time to share. It's a yearly movement urging you to give a little of what you have to help someone else (SOURCE: KOLN).

The Food Bank of Lincoln is asking you to put your money where your heart is. From sun up to sun down, the food bank team is dedicated to alleviating hunger here in southeast Nebraska.

This Giving Tuesday, the Food Bank of Lincoln is matching donations. The first 20 $100 donations will connect 900 meals to people the food bank serves. To make that happen, the food bank's board and staff will match the first 20 donations. After that, all donations up to 20-thousand-dollars will be matched by a generous donation from the Peed family.

Development director for the Food Bank of Lincoln John Mabry tells 10/11, "So, it is kind of a nice way to do something to help folks who don't maybe get to spend a lot of money on those days, Black Friday and Cyber Monday, who just need a little boost and a little hope. So, Giving Tuesday is providing that."

The Food Bank of Lincoln provides resources for food-insecure families in over 16 different counties. Forty-four percent of people living in Nebraska rely on meals from the Food Bank of Lincoln. Over 17 percent of those are children.

If you would like to give to Food Bank of Lincoln, visit here.

Empowerment and support. That's what Voices of Hope here in Lincoln gives to victims and survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. Their goal is to be a safety net for those experiencing these forms of abuse.

Voices of Hope provides confidential 24-hour-a-day crisis intervention services. They aim to educate people about the growing issue of abuse and relationship violence at home. Offering things like counseling helps reach those struggling to find safety and guidance after they've experienced trauma. In 2018, Voices of Hope provided services to over 3,000 victims, and more than 300 were children.

Executive director for Voices of Hope Marcee Metzger says, "There's a way, 24 hours a day, to get assistance. So, at this time of year where lots of things are going on, it's really important to us that we have people give the message that we're out there for them." Marcee tells 10/11 that over the years, it's been the help of donors and volunteers who help Voices of Hope continue to grow. It's people who give that help them reach their vision and make their mission possible.

If you would like to give to Voices of Hope for Giving Tuesday, visit here.

Each year, about 6,000 babies are born with down syndrome in the U.S., affecting almost 250,000 families. On Giving Tuesday, you have the chance to help some of those families here in Nebraska.

The Down Syndrome Association for Families is a non-profit based here in Lincoln. They provide support for people with down syndrome, their loved ones and professionals who are in their lives. Many families who have or are expecting a child with down syndrome don't always have reliable support. They may also not have access to accurate information about down syndrome.

"That's what we're there for. In those moments when parents find out that they're having a child with down syndrome, we're there to help them realize this isn't the end of the world like you might think it is. It is just the beginning of a new world," says marketing and development director for DSAF of Nebraska Mary Sweeney.

The Down Syndrome Association for Families first formed as a way for parents to share the accomplishments and challenges of their children. Now, the organization offers a positive vision for the future of some amazing people.

If you would like to give to the Down Syndrome Association for Families visit here.