Lincoln Pediatrics Group utilizing virtual appointments

LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - Children are not as high risk at getting COVID-19 compared to the older populations, but that's not stopping an area clinic from taking precautions.

Lincoln Pediatric Group is moving to telemedicine thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. (Source: KOLN)

Lincoln Pediatric Group is turning to virtual appointments, car testing and limiting the amount of guests who go to doctor's appointments all in an effort to flatten the curve.

The clinic is expecting the number of coronavirus cases to increase in the coming weeks, so Dr. Phil Boucher says they're decreasing their well visits.

"We're avoiding seeing unnecessary checkups and annual visits and pushing those off down the road," said Dr. Phil Boucher Pediatrian at LPG.

Appointments are being done online in order to comply with social distancing. Dr. Boucher says parents are receptive to the change.

"They're happy to do the telemedicine visit, and it's been a positive for our office to innovate and connect with our patients when they don't want to come in and we don't want them to come in if they don't have to either," said Dr. Boucher.

The clinic has tested some kids for coronavirus, but all tests have come back negative.

"We've been doing those outside to limit our room contamination, and our staff contamination as we've started testing, so we're doing all of our testing basically in our back packing lot," said Dr. Boucher.

The pediatrician says nearly 60%-80% of people will get coronavirus, so we can't underestimate the power of social distancing.

"We will look back at this and be thankful that we put such stringent social distancing measures in place when we did, and that helped us limit the severity of the disease all at once," said Dr. Boucher.

One of the main questions regarding telemedicine is if insurance covers the appointments. Dr. Boucher says that status is currently in flux.
Some states have mandated that insurance companies cover them, but Nebraska hasn't gotten there yet.