Lincoln Police officer encourages kids to read with fun book reviews

Published: Apr. 2, 2019 at 8:10 PM CDT
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The number of children who say they read for fun has dropped over the past decade. As parents look for ways to get their kids to turn off the television and pick up a book, Lincoln Police say they're working on a fun way to do just that.

It all started with a letter to Lincoln Police Officer Luke Bonkiewicz.

"I have a pen pal that I write back and forth to at Cathedral and he recommended the book and we were writing about it," Bonkiewicz said. "I was at the library one day and thought well, maybe we could just do a book review on this book and other books and maybe generate some interest."

Now, he partners with LNK TV to create short video book reviews. With these videos, Bonkiewicz says he's hoping to inspire a love of reading.

"I want kids to understand reading is a lot of fun, reading is a really cool thing to do," Bonkiewicz said.

Bonkiewicz reads books recommended to him by students and teachers, then makes a short 1-2 minute review of it to post to LPD's Twitter and Facebook. He says while it's entertaining for kids, he's also enjoying getting to read everyday.

"I love to read and when you're an adult, you don't really have a lot of time to read," Bonkiewicz said.

The goal is to entertain, but the 8 year LPD veteran says it's about more than just that.

"I also want them to see law enforcement as someone they can relate to," Bonkiewicz said. "Yes there's the serve and protect aspect, but I also really like that role model aspect that police officers are supposed to be for kids and this is a really good way to do that."

If you want to send Officer Bonkiewicz a recommendation, you just have to send him an email at

"If we pick their suggestion, we are going to take them pizza and do a book review in their class," Bonkiewicz said.

To watch the book reviews, go to the

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