Lincoln Police hire more staff to help fight video backlog

Lincoln, Neb. - For the last decade, one man has been in charge of going over all video related to Lincoln Police investigations, and the system was severely backlogged.

Now, a new coworker has joined the force, and that's cut the backlog in half.

"I started in 2008, and it's just been me for the past ten years," said Jared Minary, a forensic video technician for LPD. "We've gone from 100 cases a year to 1500 cases a year in that time frame."

After months of creating and advertising the position, Minary now has some help.

Becky Keller was looking for a way to merge her love of photography and videography with her degree in criminal justice. Now, she helps analyze photos and videos for Crimestoppers.

"It was definitely shocking to see how many cases were backed up and the length of the backlog there was," Keller said.

Keller has been with the department less than two months, but she's catching on quickly.

"I began in late February and was working on cases from October," Keller said. "Today, I actually started pulling cases from mid-March, so that shows you just how caught up we are."

At the beginning of the year, LPD's backlog was at 178 video cases. Now, they're down to 96.

"The fact we were able to get caught up, I hope for the community that brings some piece of mind," Keller said. "It shows that we are working the cases as quick and efficient as we can."

Just in her first few months, Keller has helped solve cases and tie several together.

"We had a slew of cases where, through working one, we connected it to two and so on and so forth," Keller said. "At the end of this I think we connected ten or more."

Keller and Minary say they expect their workload to continue to increase over the next few years, so they may soon need to add a third person to their staff to keep up with demand.