Lincoln Police host Trunk or Treat

LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - The Lincoln Police Department hosted one of the first major Halloween events of October with Trunk or Treat on Monday.

(Source: KOLN).

On Monday, thousands made it out to the third annual Lincoln Police Trunk or Treat event.

Whether it's a fire fighter or poo bear, you could find just about any costume at the event.

But kids say, it’s all about the candy.

"I like these,” said one kid. “Reese’s Pieces,” said another.

This year the event was held inside of the event center and added law enforcement agencies.

Now with LFR, Nebraska State Patrol, LSO and UNL PD.

"Man this has been an awesome experience. We have five different events here tonight,” said Lincoln Fire and Rescue’s Nancy Crist.

One of the stations LFR had was teaching young kids how to perform CPR.

There were also dozens of others set up with different agencies cars full of candy and even some mascots.

"It's just a safe place for kids to come and interact with first responders and interact with them in a positive setting,” said Lincoln Police Department’s Jennifer Glantz.

Many parents 10/11 NOW spoke with say that safety aspect, is what brought them out.

"We can be out a little longer, they can have more fun, they aren't freezing and aren't asking to go home five minutes after we get out,” said Stephanie Schmidt.

Lincoln Police say it's great to see all of the agencies come together to make things fun for the kids.

Do you have photos of your kids at the event? Click here to submit them to 10/11 Now. They may get a chance of showing up on the news.