Lincoln Public Schools policy changes

LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - Happening this week, policies changing at Lincoln Public Schools.

You used to have your pick of high schools, no matter where you lived.

Now, some restrictions are being put in place.

If you want to open enroll, you only have until the end of the month.

Overcrowding has forced LPS to change the way it allows students to pick and choose.

The high school task force is recommending at least a 7th high school in Lincoln.

Overcrowded hallways at Lincoln High are exactly why.

LPS says it wants to let 8th graders choose their high school but there needed to be changes.

"At the same time, we carefully study enrollment trends and we're concerned about the increasing enrollment at the high school level,” said Associate Superintendent for instruction, Matt Larson.

As of 2018, high schools were at about 106% capacity and that's only growing.

Now, 8th graders that want to go to Lincoln East or Lincoln High, but live outside of the attendance areas, have to enroll by January 31st - a new deadline.

"The projected enrollment next year for Lincoln High is over 2,400 students, the projected enrollment next year for East High School is 2,300 students,” said Larson.

Lincoln North Star already has a similar policy.

10/11 NOW spoke with a Lincoln man who's been dealing with overcrowding for three years.

"We decided that North Star was so full that East might be a better fit for her,” LPS Parent, Anthony Schutz.

Now, he's got another 8th grade daughter trying to make the same decision. He's hoping for a better solution going forward.

"It makes sense, it wasn't surprising to see it fill,” said Schutz.

LPS agrees, it needs to plan for the future.. now.

"We clearly have facility needs in the district,” said Larson.

10/11 NOW asked LPS when could there be a new high school, they told us there's no time table and it's something they'll be talking about over the next few months.