Lincoln Sailing Club hosts U.S. Women's Championship

(Source: KOLN).
Published: Aug. 25, 2019 at 10:09 PM CDT
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On Sunday, women sailors from all over the country competed at Branched Oak Lake.

It's the Midwest’s first-ever U.S. Women's Snipe National Championship Regatta.

The sailors wrapped up the weekend competition after six tough races.

The championship was made up of women who have decades of experience and some who are newer to the sport.

Through choppy waters and wind, 28 women fought to win the national championship.

Out of all of the boats, six were local.

And to even have the competition in Lincoln is something those in charge say they're proud of.

"We did bid for it and we got the bid, it's the first time its been outside of the coast, so it's the first time it has been in the Midwest ever,” said Co-chair, Mary Buckley.

But returning champ Tarasa Davis says it didn't seem like they were in Nebraska at all.

"I know people say it is great to be inland, but these conditions are a lot like an ocean! You have big chop, like in a bay, and you have big breeze like in a bay. The difference is you have wind shifts. And I love that,” said Davis.

Davis, who has been sailing since she was only five-years-old, took home the national championship title again.

But there were also college teams in the competition.

One of those was the University of Nebraska Lincoln, who just created their sailing club.

"Most of them just learned to sail this year, which has been awesome to see. They've gotten so much better, they've improved so much over the weekend,” said Sailing coach, Jennifer Lee.

Other sailors who were taking on the regatta for the first time told me no matter the outcome they've learned a lot over the weekend.

"It's incredible to race against these women who have been competing for their entire lives,” Taryn Smith.

Even for national champion Tarasa Davis, this win is just as sweet as the first.

"We did it. It is magical,” said Davis.