Lincoln officials confirm drinking water unaffected by flood

LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN)- Lincoln Transportation and Utilities Department held a press conference on Saturday to inform Lincoln residents on flooding conditions and operations at the Lincoln Water System.

Niki Esposito, Director at LTU, started off the conference with confidence in Lincoln's water quality.

“Our drinking water is safe,” Esposito said. “Our treatment facilities are pure and operating effectively. The entire water system is under constant monitoring, and remember that all our water is sourced from ground water, an aquifer that is over 80 feet deep. So it’s important for our citizens to know that our drinking water is safe.”

Esposito also noted that all of Lincoln local reservoirs are full, with reserve in Ashland. Current winter consumption is still being met.

Three wells, out of 44 wells, are located on an island on the Platte River. Those wells have been fortified. According to LTU, the wells on the island are currently non-operational due to power issues, however are expected to be restored as soon as waters recede.

Donna Garden, assistant director of utilities for LTU, said that while the Platte River has reached levels of 24 feet, it is currently going through a downward trend.

All 40 vertical wells are currently operation.

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