Lincoln already feeling effects of flooding from snow melting

LINCOLN, Neb. As of Tuesday night Lancaster County is in a flood warning that includes Lincoln. As snow turns to rain, the streets are turning from icy to swampy. The city and county are gearing up for it to get worse but some streets are already feeling the effects in a major way.

You've probably encountered some water and mud on the sides of the street but that's not the worst of it. Homes near 40th and H Street in Lincoln are experiencing a full street covered in water.

"The flooding started a little mild," said Nicole Caples who lives in the area. "Then the more the snow melted it kinda got higher and higher and higher."

Crews have been out trying to fix the problem for a majority of the day, responding around at about 1 a.m. this morning. Caples says the water has gone down but she still isn't sure they know the cause.

"Had quite a lot of machinery out here. Tried to dig through the ice and I felt bad for them. They weren't getting anywhere," said Caples.

Caples says before this week her street was snowy and ice packed. Something the city and county says has them gearing up for even more flooding potential.

“We had a month, in December, of rain. The ground got really good and saturated and it froze," said Pam Dingman, Lancaster County Engineer. Then we had 50 inches of snow on top of that. Now we have rain and frost coming out of the ground. It really is the worst case scenario for engineers and Public Utility Departments."

City and county crews are making sand bags, purchasing additional rocks and working to get more trucks on the road.

The city and county also say you should never drive through standing water because even one foot of water can sweep away an entire car.