Lincoln breast cancer survivor stresses self-examinations

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This year nearly forty one thousand women in the U.S will die from breast cancer. A lot has been done to advance research and treatment but we still have a ways to go.

This weekend, you can support cancer research and breast cancer fighters at the Making Strides Walk in Lincoln.

Jenn Klein was diagnosed in 2015. She went through chemo, surgery, and radiation treatment to get rid of the cancer. Throughout it all, there was something that helped her get though it, writing.

Jenn had a blog before she received her diagnoses. When she started her journey battling cancer, she started a section in her blog about it.

She shared pictures, expressed how she was feeling on any given day. There were highs and lows but she was able to find humor during it like naming her wig.

Jenn is now cancer free but says she's already started having conversations with her 14 year old daughter about breast cancer. One thing she wants to stress is self examinations. It helped her catch it early and it only takes a few minutes.