Lincoln businesses pick up the pieces from Friday night's protest

Crews work to clean up all the shattered glass from the broken windows.
Crews work to clean up all the shattered glass from the broken windows.(KOLNKGIN)
Published: May. 30, 2020 at 5:53 PM CDT
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Saturday was spent picking up the remnants of Friday night's riot.

"There was an exhaust pipe in my store," said Genai Henderson, the manager of Metro PCS at 25th & "O". "There was blood on my windows. It's very alarming."

Windows were shattered, and walls were covered with expletives.

"It just escalated and look at us now, the whole block is caution taped off," Henderson said. "That's not cool, that is not okay."

One of Lincoln's first protests turned violent, something Henderson never anticipated.

"So many different people, all races, all nationalities and we care for everybody, so it kind of bothered me, because it's like, "why here then? why anywhere then?" said Henderson.

City leaders are now calling for peaceful protesting.

"I am begging all of you who feel the need to raise your fist, or throw a stone, and think about the fact that each of us are someone's loved one," said Lincoln City Council Member, Sandra Washington.

Henderson said she feels torn.

"I'm tired of taking losses, whether it's friends, families, communities," Henderson said. "I can't handle this."

Henderson knows there's a chance for this to happen again on Saturday night. She just asks protesters to think about their actions and who it might impact.

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