Lincoln businesses working to fix plumber shortage

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It's a growing problem nationwide that is also being seen in the capital city. Blue collar workers like plumbers are on the decline.

Plumbers in the Lincoln area told 1011 News they are not seeing enough of them. Now they are all trying to find a solution.

Several local plumbing businesses say in the last 5 to 10 years, they have seen a decline in the amount qualified workers. In an effort to fight this problem, John Henry's in Lincoln now has an apprentice program to teach workers the skills themselves. They say one of the problems is retirement.

"It used to be a lot more workers in the work field but obviously times changed. The older experienced guys are kind of fading themselves out," said Joe Reinke with John Henry's in Lincoln.

Southeast Community College in Milford also has a solution, a new one year plumber program starting in January that will train students for the workforce.

Registration for that class opens in October and will start in January.
The school says they have about 20 spots for the class.

Plumbers in Nebraska can make anywhere from thirty to sixty thousand dollars a year, even more depending on experience.
National numbers from U.S News and World Report show some of the highest paid plumbers can make up to $90,000 a year.