Lincoln church waits 16 years for paved road

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LINCOLN, Neb. -- Lincoln City Church sits just outside of the city limits on South 1st Street.

Because it's technically in Lancaster County, they still have one mile of unpaved road leading to their building.

Lead Pastor Solo Mwania says it's a safety issue.

"It's not the most convenient roads and as I think it will be really good to get it paved for our ministry and everybody else that comes here," he said.

The Lancaster County Board of Commissioners held it's annual Road and Bridge Improvement Public Hearing Tuesday, and Pastor Mwania and some of his congregation attended.

Lancaster County Engineer Pam Dingman said, "Systematically, we're not keeping up with maintenance needs in the county. That has just been the way it's gone with infrastructure funding for quite a while now."

Lancaster County's only paving project next year will be South 98th Street between Old Cheney and A Street. It's gravel and sees more than 600 cars a day.

Pastor Mwania said he understands the county's tight budget, and the church will just continue to wait.