Lincoln company helping other businesses stay afloat during pandemic

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LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - A Lincoln marketing company is giving local businesses daily tasks to provide guidance on how to operate during this pandemic.

Eleanor Creative CEO Christine Weeks provides people on Facebook with daily tasks for businesses to stay positive during the COVID-19 pandemic

Christine Weeks, CEO of Eleanor Creative, said each daily task allows businesses to accomplish something each day in its downtime. "We're talking about different communication strategies," Weeks said, "For their current audience and future audience on what their business needs and how they can help the community."

Eleanor Creative created a Facebook page called 'Eleanor Creative Next Right Thing'. It posts daily to the page on what each business should do to work towards creating a brighter future.

"We have over 130 members in the group and I love the collaboration," Weeks said. "I love how the community there is supporting each other."

A local business using this advice is Arrive CoWorking; a Lincoln entrepreneur company that helps women grow their businesses. Owner Jenna Vitosh said she appreciates seeing positive messages during the COVID-19 pandemic.

"To be able to wake up each morning with a message from her about some proactiv, positive thing I can do is really helpful for me." Vitosh said the topic she is currently working on with her business is getting people to do Google Reviews.

Eleanor Creative said this allows companies to get more exposure even when things are slow. Weeks said she wants to see businesses staying active, as this pandemic will eventually end.

"We don't want people to sit around and not be working on their business," Weeks said. "Because once this passes, we want our clients and our businesses in the community to be ready to go."

Weeks said the Facebook group currently has 141 members and all local business people are welcome to join.