Lincoln family opens home to anyone on Easter

LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - On Easter, many people are surrounded by family and a warm meal.

But that isn't an option for everyone. That's when a local couple steps in to help.

Whether you can't make it to see family, or don't have the means to buy an extravagant Easter meal, the Reitz family wants to make sure everyone knows they're welcome.

Jamie created an event on her small business' Facebook page, inviting anyone who would like to join them for their Sunday dinner.

"People just really genuinely appreciate someone saying, "hey come over if you're alone", and I think we think about the homeless and those kinds of people at holidays, and we neglect the guy who just can't get home for Easter with his family or a single person who doesn't really have anybody close,” said Jaime Reitz.

This isn't the first holiday the Reitz family has opened its home to anyone who wants to join.

They did this for Thanksgiving and Christmas and say they plan to do this for many holidays to come.