Lincoln family puts on massive Christmas lights display each year

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LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - Over in east Lincoln, the Bayer family has one impressive Christmas lights display that people have to see to believe.

"People have hobbies, and this is our family tradition and hobby," said Russ Bayer. "I think that's really the most important."

With over 600,000 inches of wiring, hundreds of thousands of lights, and synchronized to music, everybody who stops to look at the Bayer's display has a favorite part.

One young spectator said, "I think it's the main attraction of this city."

Bayer said about 10 years ago it became an attraction for people to site see during the holidays, but now he expects thousands to take a look at this year's lights.

According to him, the Bayer's used to see a significant increase of about $400 in their electric bill, but after switching to LED bulbs about 6 years ago that increase is not as large.

"It's this massive display that's planned out on drawings and organized weekend after weekend of how we put things up." said Russ's son, Jeff Bayer. "It's kinda weird think back on it on how it started out with a couple of plastic figures at our old house until it grew to what it is here," he continued.

According to Russ, it's not about the show, but about family.

"It's sort of chokes us up a little bit. It's our family. That's the tradition," said Russ. "It's wonderful that people love it, and it's wonderful that people look at it. But it's more wonderful that our family comes together to do it. That's what it is to us," he continued.

If you would like to see the Bayer's display, you can stop by to view it on South 112th between A and O Streets; it runs each night from 4:30 p.m. to 11 p.m.