Lincoln girl has wish granted through Make-A-Wish

LINCOLN, Neb. - Four-year-old Sutton has a very rare form of neuropathy that doctors discovered when she was just two and a half. It can make things like holding her toys very difficult. But Friday, Sutton got a special surprise. Her wish of a home movie theater was granted.

"They took it about 100 steps further, and contacted all kinds of companies and contractors for not only a home theater in the basement but made sure the theater is all voice activated so Sutton is able to control it on her own," said Sasha, Sutton's mom.

Sutton's parents say going to friends' houses can be a challenge, so having her own theater is big.

"She can have her friends over because you know if you think about it, it's a lot of difficult times to get her into other friends houses and it kinda gives us spaces that everybody can be," said Mike, Sutton's dad.

Despite everything she has been through, Sutton's parents say she continues to surprise them everyday.

"To see people interact with her in the community and then to do things like this is just incredible and humbling and it gives us hope that she is gonna be okay," Sasha said.

Sutton says she is looking forward to Christmas, but can't think of anything else she could possibly want after today.