Lincoln home to be demolished after sitting condemned for 27 years

LINCOLN, Neb (KOLN) - By the end of next month, a house here in Lincoln that's been condemned for 27 years may finally be demolished.

(Source: KOLN).

Something neighbors tell 10/11 NOW, is a long time coming.
Since 1992 it has sat empty right off of 30th and N streets.

According to the county, it's valued at about $68,000.

And neighbors say not only has it been an eye-sore, but it's made it hard for others to sell their houses.

For decades the house at 3015 N street has sat empty and continued to deteriorate.

"Its taken so long, these kinds of issues shouldn't take decades to resolve, but that’s the way the system is at the moment,” said Woods Park Neighborhood Association President, Randy Smith.

Smith has lived in the neighborhood for 23 years and says its always been a problem.

You can see holes in the glass windows and the red sign plastered on the front door.

Something that doesn't look good for the neighbors.

"A vacant boarded-up house next door, that's not something that is going to attract buyers,” said Smith.

Building and safety tell 10/11 NOW it was tagged in 1992 for a variety of issues and was then vacated and sat until the owner died in June of 2018. Still, every year up until then, the property taxes were paid.

The city never got a response from the people who inherited the home and took ownership this summer.

"The neighborhood association is very happy the city has persevered,” said Smith.

The home, first built in 1910, was declared dangerous in June and will now be demolished before the end of the year.

Smith says better late than never.

"We're just happy that the issue is finally going to be resolved. There are many other such properties in the city, so this is not closing the book on the problem. It's just one instance being resolved happily,” said Smith.