Lincoln homeowner suing Terminix Inc for $250,000

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LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - Creaking floor boards, holes in the walls, and trails of mud. From the outside, Teri Sefrna's home looks fine, but inside her walls and under her floor tells a different story.

Sefrna is suing Terminix Inc. She filed the lawsuit in Lancaster County District Court. It states over the last 21 years Terminix never found evidence of termites.

"It's frustrating, yes we've got damage we need to get it fixed, but we also relied on Terminix to protect our home," said Eric Schoen, her significant other.

The lawsuit says Terminix last inspected Sefrna's home last March after she noticed that the floor in one room "felt soft and overly flexible," and they told her "there were no termites in her home."

According to the lawsuit, she found termites the following month and the company treated her home but didn't inspect the whole home.

"They came out in April and only sprayed half of my house and then I went down to the bedroom to move some boxes and there were still live termites," she said.

The lawsuit also claims that an expert told her she's had termites for at least a decade but that Terminix has refused requests to cover the costs of repairs.

According to the Lancaster County Assessment website, in 2017 Sefrna's home was valued at $146,000. This year it dropped to about $79,000, a decrease of more than $67,000.

Sefrna said she's still living in the home.

"I have to, this is my home, I mean this is where I live," she said.