Lincoln is looking to expand its trail network

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LINCOLN, Neb. – The City is looking to create a trail that will connect to the growing trail network in Lincoln.

The Legacy Project for the Prairie Corridor was announced on Thursday, December 7, that will create a tallgrass prairie passage and trail from Pioneers Park and will run along Haines Branch of Salt Creek through the Village of Denton before connecting to Spring Creek Prairie Audubon Center.

The trail will be 10 miles long and it will enhance Lincoln’s conservation efforts to preserve the tallgrass prairie here in the state.

Currently, about 2 percent of Nebraska’s tallgrass prairie remains to less than 80 acres.

So far 5,300 acres of land have been protected for the project.

The project is estimated to cost about $22 million. Most of the money will come from federal grants and private fundraising.

Three items will be introduced to the City Council. The first will be an interlocal agreement with the Natural Resources District. The second will be a memorandum of understanding with the Spring Creek Prairie Audubon Center.

Lastly, the transfer of $400,000 from the City to the Lincoln Parks Foundation for an endowment to maintain to the Prairie Corridor.

The council will hear these items on Monday, December 11, with a vote on December 18.