Lincoln man facing arson & theft charges after entering homeowner's garage and vandalized car

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LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - A Lincoln man is facing a number of charges after police said he entered a garage and vandalized the homeowner's car.

On Saturday around 12:45 p.m., officers were dispatched to S 17th Street, near Irvingdale Park in south Lincoln, for a report of an unknown man walking around the area holding a metal pole and threatening people.

Responding officers spoke with witnesses and a victim, a 75-year old man who lives in that area.

LPD said witnesses saw the suspect enter the 75-year old man's garage and move items, where they believe he stole a fence post that he was carrying.

Responding officers spoke with the 75-year old man and looked at his car where they found a rag hanging out of the gas tank and one on the ground.

The victim told police he didn't leave his car like that and officers found oil residue on the car.

LPD found a can of WD40, which the victim confirmed was taken from his garage, and the Lincoln Fire and Rescue Department was contacted.

LFR came to the home and soaked up all the gas around the car. LPD said the fire inspector came and helped manage the scene.

Casey Shandera, 29, was arrested and is facing attempted first degree arson charges, disturbing the peace, theft and trespassing charges.