Lincoln man remains in critical condition after Eagle Raceway accident

One Lincoln man is still in critical condition after three men were injured this weekend at Eagle Raceway.
One of them suffered serious internal and head damage after getting pinned under a car.

Adam Gullion was preparing to race in his new stock car this weekend.
In his pit crew was his long time friend Justin Vanderharr.

“He’s an honorable guy, and always stepped up and taken care of what he needed to," said Gullion.

Everything changed when driver John Austin's throttle got stuck after a race causing the car to leave the track, go airborne and strike three people according to the Cass County Sheriff's office.

A photo shows Vanderharr pinned underneath a car.

“It was vicious, horrifying and terrifying. It’s something that I know not just myself but everybody who was there, and saw it that night they can't get it out of their mind," said Gullion.

Vanderharr was taken by ambulance to Bryan Health where he's in a medically induced coma.

Guillon says he’s been staying with Vanderharr at the hospital.

“He’s doing really well. We’ve moved past the ‘is my buddy going to make it stage,’ and now we're onto the next stage. What are we up against now, what do we need to work on or are we going to have anything we need to work on," said Gullion.

The racer wishes he could trade spots with one of his closest friends.

“It should be me. I’m the one who's driving 120 mph, bouncing off the walls, flipping through the air. It’s not supposed to be your buddy who just got back from his wedding," said Gullion.

10/11 reached out to Eagle Raceway, but they have chosen not to comment..
A silent auction is going to be held at the races this Saturday if you're interested in helping the Vanderharr family.

A GoFundMe has also been set up, and you can donate here.