Lincoln man says he found a mouse in his hotel bed

Published: Jan. 23, 2018 at 9:43 PM CST
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Syracuse is 45 minutes east of Lincoln, just off of Highway 2. The first thing you see off the exit is the Syracuse Inn & Suites. The hotel has been under fire this week after a Lincoln man stayed there and said he woke up with a mouse in his bed.

The man, Russel Fletcher, posted his awful experience on Facebook, and it already has 12,000 shares. The city told 10/11 Now that this isn't an isolated incident.

Fletcher said he stayed at the Syracuse Inn & Suites on January 20, and was woken up by something in his bed.

"I felt something scurrying or on my back, it was like irritating me. And at that point I just reached around and grabbed," said Fletcher.

When he looked at the sheets, he saw a mouse. And what he found, he said, just got worse.

"When I had kicked the bedding off the bed, that had exposed the rat's nest, which is on the lower left hand corner of the bed where I was sleeping," said Fletcher.

Fletcher said he immediately tried to tell the hotel staff but said they weren't taking his complaint seriously.

"Urine secretion, rat droppings, insects, just all kinds of nasty critters in there," said Fletcher.

10/11 also spoke with the City of Syracuse. Officials said the photos are also a concern for them because the Syracuse Inn & Suites is pretty much the only place for tourists to stay in their town.

"The Syracuse Area Chamber of Commerce is aware of the fact that there is problems with the hotel, but there's not a lot we can do about it," said a chamber member, Carolyn Gigstad.

Both the chamber of commerce and the city said they've had a number of complaints over the years. The city said it has contacted several agencies and is trying to resolve the matter as quickly as possible.

"The city has no ordinances that will allow us to go into those hotel rooms for health problems. We can't tell them how to run their business," said Gigstad.

Despite all the turmoil, the Inn still allowed 10/11 to look inside their business, and even showed a room. In the room, you can see the decor and bedding is the same as Fletcher's photos.

Fletcher said the incident is negligence by the hotel. But his main concern is that other people don't have what happened to him, happen to them.

"With them still advertising they have a pool, you know it's going to be people with kids. And that's just, if you were to go down through and walk, you can tell by just walking down the hallways, this place is not a safe place," said Fletcher.

10/11 also spoke to the owner of the hotel, who said they gave Fletcher $25 off his $72 stay. He also acknowledged the rodent issue, and said they do use an exterminator. However, he would not elaborate on this particular incident and the photos.