Lincoln man travels U.S. to honor father's memory

Published: Feb. 10, 2019 at 11:09 PM CST
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On Sunday, students and visitors at UNL heard from a Lincoln man who is months away from breaking a world record after traveling all over the United States.

From Guam to Alaska, Lincoln native Mikah Meyer has traveled in his van all over the country, attempting to set a World Record by visiting all of America’s 419 National Park Service Sites.

At UNL he shared pictures, videos and the motivation behind his journey.

Its been nearly 3 years and Mikah Meyer has visited 389 National Parks but his journey is not over yet.

His trip started after he lost his dad to cancer when he was 19.

"It taught me a really important lesson about life being short and us not getting the time we think we'll have to follow our dreams,” said Lincoln Native, Mikah Meyer.

At age 30, Meyer decided he was going to make the most of his life and honor his fathers love of road trips.

He then took off in his van and has been traveling since.

"I got to go to all of these places that I thought I would never get to in my life,” said Meyer.

From Colorado, Hawaii and back to Nebraska, Meyer says every park has been special.

"Getting to see those hidden gems, those unknown sites, that's been the most incredible part,” said Meyer.

With 29 parks left to visit, Meyer's journey will come to an end on April 29th.

The 14th anniversary of his dads passing.

"To start and end this journey on a day that has been very sad for over a decade for me, I hope allows me to re-purpose into something triumphant,” said Meyer.

As for whats next, Meyer says this Fall he wants to start another road trip.

This time, following the Husker Football team to every game.

"I now want to share Nebraska with the world and show off everything that we have while using Cornhusker Football to do that and show people how amazing Nebraska is,” said Meyer.

Meyer will be speaking at St. Paul Methodist Church here in Lincoln on Monday night. That starts at 6:30.