Lincoln newlyweds see showing of support after virus changes wedding plans

LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - As newlyweds Danny and Katie Poethig left Cross the Line Church Tuesday, they heard a symphony of blaring horns and cheering.

What sounded like a traffic jam, was really a showing of support for the happy couple.

Danny and Katie were supposed to get married April 17 with 500 of their closest friends and family members in attendance.

Then, came the coronavirus pandemic.

So the couple cut their guest list in half. Then to 50. Then to 10.

Then, moved their wedding date up three weeks, and tied the knot Tuesday night, with just the pastor, a few friends and their parents watching.

"We decided, lets just not wait until more people can't come," Danny said.

While the couple said their ceremony was special, it's what happened after that made their wedding perfect.

"We got out of the ceremony and noticed in the parking lot was another member of our worship team, Ellie, our keys player was holding a sign out of her sunroof," Danny said.

But when they turned the corner they saw dozens of cars parked in the lot.

"Honking, cheering, doing only what they could do," Danny said. "We both started crying."

Making a wedding they planned in less than 24 hours, perfect.

"It was 400 or 500 people, but it was still special," Danny said. "Almost more special that we could have envisioned.

They said they wouldn't change a thing, and hope the blaring honks and cheers from their friends bring some positivity during this time of fear.

"You can make any situation incredible," Danny said. "That's what we did and what we hope people can see."