Lincoln police investigate string of neighborhood burglaries

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LINCOLN, Neb. -- One Lincoln neighborhood is on the lookout after at least three homes in the area were broken into. Lincoln Police believe it could be the same person for every home. Neighbors, however, are sure it's the same person, and hope whoever it is stays away.

The unique thing about this burglar is neighbors said whoever it is keeps coming back. After talking to neighbors, they aren't as scared as they are frustrated.

Their neighborhood is near Lowell Avenue and 44th Street. It's a quiet family area, with people who have lived there for years.

"Oh yeah, we have great neighbors," said Harvey Bieber a long time resident.

Now, their quiet neighborhood is concerned after a string of burglaries, with latest happening Monday morning.

"An unknown person had entered a garage or workshop area of this home and had went through the cupboard and unlocked vehicles in an attempt to steal items," said Officer Angela Sands with Lincoln Police.

Most neighbors haven't had anything taken, but the break-ins are unnerving.

"It's just really a violation. You know, it's really a sickening feeling that these creeps are breaking in on us," said James Pemberton, who has seen a man in his yard trying to steal stuff from him now twice.

Just on Monday, he woke up to his home alarm going off, and said his wife even saw the man running away in all black. The first time they saw him was two weeks ago.

"So I went and looked out the kitchen and I saw a slender guy, maybe 5'9" or 10' all dressed in black, running down the side of the house," said Pemberton.

Pemberton didn't have anything stolen, but told his neighbors to check their homes, sheds and garages.

Harvey Bieber, his next door neighbor, did just that. "I went out and looked, and my window was broken out," he said.

Bieber also didn't have anything stolen, but suspects it's because the window was too high. However, he isn't taking any chances with his workshop.

"I have deadbolts on everything, you know, it was just the windows that they were able to get in, but now I have bars. So it's going to dissuade somebody from getting in there," said Bieber.

Another neighbor checked his back garage and found a TV and drill set stolen.

Lincoln Police want to remind everyone that with spring weather starting arriving, people should remember to lock any sheds and garages, and keep an eye on your grills.