Lincoln second grader makes 1,000 cards for people in need

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LINCOLN, Neb. -- New Years day officially marks the end of the holidays. But, one little girl in Lincoln is still spreading Christmas cheer with cards to people who may not get to spend this season with loved ones.

Eight-year-old Syllas Parker spent most of her winter break writing. She wrote 1,000 Christmas cards to deliver to assisted living homes in Lincoln.

She worked many nights at her kitchen table, to complete the project and bring joy to complete strangers.

"She set the goal to do 1,000 cards," said her Mom Jessica Parker.

After a trip with her girl scout troop to a local nursing home, the second grader decided she wanted to give more than one.

"So first I wrote Merry Christmas, and then Love Syllas, and then I drew the little Christmas tree," said Syllas Parker.

Syllas was inspired to give the cards to as many people in assisted living homes as she could.

"People who like don't have families and don't have people to come visit them," said Syllas.

She's been writing them for over a month, and Syllas and her mother didn't realize how hard the project would be.

"My hands so tired, and I really want to keep working but it would just get tireder," said Syllas.

And they ran out of cards, but luckily had many donated.

"So my friends started sending her boxes of Christmas cards that she could use and we started buying them at dollar tree," said Jessica.

It's past Christmas but Syllas is finally done.

Her mom said, "I'm very proud of her".

She's now ready to hand them out and make people smile.

"Merry Christmas I hope you like the cards," said Syllas to anyone who may receive one.

She plans to start handing out cards on Tuesday. For next year she is already planning to do the same project but bigger and better.

Goldenrod printing is sponsoring Syllas and will let her design 1,000 of her very own Christmas cards for 2018.