Lincoln senator proposes a Lincoln to Omaha railroad system

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LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - A Lincoln senator is proposing Nebraska build a Lincoln to Omaha train system to boost each city's economy.

Source: KOLN

Sen. Adam Morfeld proposed Legislative Bill 979 to the legislature Tuesday. Currently, the state does not have public transportation going from Lincoln to Omaha.

"I just think its a great opportunity for the Lincoln and Omaha metro area and the state of Nebraska to be really dynamic in our public transportation and attract jobs," Morfeld said.

Morefeld's will do a study to determine the cost, time to build it and economic impact for the cities.

Nebraska Transit is working on a bus service between the cities; it expects to have a plan by March.

Morfeld said he doesn't expect his bill to interfere with the bus service. He also said the two public transportation services could co-exist, but people will make their decision on which one they like best.

He expects to have his study done by December. At this time, there isn't a hearing set for the bill.