Lincoln students' hearts go out to Florida

Published: Feb. 22, 2018 at 8:51 PM CST
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On Friday, part of Stoneman Douglas High School will re-open for the first time since the shooting that left 17 teachers and students dead.

Teachers will return to the main high school building in Parkland, Florida. The school board decided to tear down the freshman building and replace it with a memorial.

Next week, students are expected to go back to class, and when they do, there will be special messages from students across the country, including from Lincoln, Nebraska.

Students from Lincoln Southeast High School wanted to help make the halls inside Stoneman Douglas High School a little brighter, so for the last two days, they created encouraging notes called Knight House Hearts.

The students said their hearts went out to the students affected by the shooting, and after an art teacher from the Florida high school planned to decorate the school's halls with hearts, students in the Knight House began crafting.

Southeast student Hayden Colin said, "With the Parkland shooting, I think it's been hard on everyone at Southeast and any high school."

The students who attend the Knight House after school program have created more than 200 hears -- all crafted with love and on their own time.

Media Tech at Southeast, Nicol Woody, said, "Kids are feeling it right now, and they're very willing to do whatever they can..and there's not much they can do...and this is a little something they can do."

Students said they hope it will be a nice surprise to fellow students in Florida.

"You know I really want to make one and tell the people how I feel," Southeast student Malik Fair said.

After students finished their heart notes during Knight House Thursday, Nicol Woody said they were going to be collected by staff and mailed Friday. By early next week, they should be hanging in the hallway in Florida.

Maggi Oziah said, "It feels amazing to know that I could help people feel so much better with how they're dealing with this."